Monday, 6 December 2010

Evaluation Questions - Ciro

1. In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of realn media products?
I feel our music video uses different conventions that are associated with real products. One of the ways this can be seen is by the way we matched lyrics with visuals which is seen in a lot of real products, which is a goodwin point. We tried to use music videos of the same genre to help us design our product, the main main video we used was The Pigeon Detectives-Im Not Sorry,  one of the things we used was to make our music video very quick and snappy by using quick cuts and short scenes. Another similarity between our product and real ones is that we showed a shot of all band members on their own to show each of them to the audience. This is important because it gives the audience a chance to get to know all the band member's personalities. One way that our video challenged the conventions of most real products was by not having much intertextuality in the video which is normally seen in real products. In the indie genre they will normally sell the artists as people who just like to go toparties and go out messing around. Although we did this a bit in our video, I feel we could have done it more to show that we matched our genre. Our ancillary products also use conventions of real media products by using darker colours on rthe covers. We did this because it is associated with the indie gene so it works well with the music in our video. I think that we challenged the conventions of real products for our genre in bothg the main and ancillary products through costume. the costume we used didn't match the indie genre but I feel that although the costume didn't match it was importrant that we then kept the same look through all the tasks. 

2. How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary tasks?
I thinkthat our main product and ancillary taks work well together for many different reasons. I believe that we were able to keep a similar look to the band throughout which meant there was a common look to all the tasks. This meant they linked well together well  and all the products could be seen to belong to the same group. In both the DVD cover and advert we kept a consistant look to show that it was the same group. We did this by using dark colours like red and black both times because it gives a more indie look to both taks so it works well with the music video. One of the parts that we struggled with was one of the group members in the video as we missing the last few days of work. This meant we didn't have the same three people in the video as we did in thye DVD cover and the advert which affetced the continuity through our products. We also tried to make our main product and ancillary tasks work well by making sure that they link together. We did this by giving it a sutable certificate that matches what is isn the video mand song.

3.What have you learend from audience feedback?
From the audience feedback I learnt that we didn't use costumes very well. This was because we didn't use clothing that matched the genre. After people commented on this I also saw that it was a good point and I feel it was an area we could have improved on. Some of the positive feedback we got mentioned that we were creative. I feel that we did this a lot through a number of very different locations throughout the video. I also believe that some of our editing would have have had an impact on this comment being made. From this I learnt that variety is good in a music video because it keeps the sudience interested in what they are watching. Another positive note was that the audience felt that the lip syncing was good. This showed me that this is key to a music video and if this is done badly the video will look very un-professional. After the feedback from the roughcut we decided that we needed to add more editing techniques and film at different locations for a bigger variation throughout the video. 

4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
For the production stage the most important program we used was Finalcut. We used this to edit our whole video which allowed us to get the lip syncing as we wanted it. It also allowed us to add in certain editing techniques such as split screen which is effective because it can help to make the video look snappy and modern. We used it in one part of the video so that the audience can seen all of the members at once in the same location but on their own. During the research stage the internet was very important because it allowed us to search for other indie bands and let us see what they had done in music videos. We used the blogs a lot throughout the planning stage so that we could make notes and look back at them when we were producing our video. Our most important piece of technology that we used during the production stage was ther HD camara that we used to film the whole video with. We also used photoshop for the ancillary tasks so that we could use effects in the DVD cover and the advert, we used the layers so that we could have certain layers on top of each other to add a different effect.

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