Monday, 6 December 2010

Evaluation Questions - Jamie

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms or conventions of real media products?
In my opinion  my media product uses the conventions of a real media product . My media products which is a music video of a rock genre meets the conventions as the visuals in the video match the lyrics.  This is conventional of music videos of a variety of genres.  We also use a lot of quick cuts in out music video of Butch Walkers "Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed"single.  The song was quite fast paced so therefore it was appropriate to use quick cuts to match the tempo of the music.  This is very conventional of rock music video's if the music is fast paced.  Our video evolved around the main singer with the two other band members also featuring and playing a role in the video but not such a vital one of the main singer.  This is my opinion is conventional as many rock bands when doing a music video  they are more focused on the main singer.  Obviously when making a music video we have to include lip syncing as if the lip syncer is actually singing the words in the place they are appearing.  This meets conventions of a real media product as nearly all music videos include lip syncing.  When making our media product the Pigeon Detectives song and music video "I'm Not Sorry" inspired us the most.  The indie genre of the music and the way the video was made intirgued us and we wanted to take ideas from their video and put them into ours.  Our ancillary tasks use the conventions of real media products as the digipack we had red and black colours and big bold fonts on it which is very conventional of indie/rock digpacks. We also included the DVD logo and the age certificate logo which is also conventional of digipacks.  On our magazine advert we included the same colours that were on the digipack so its kept continuity and had the same theme.  Again the colours used are quite conventional of indie/rock adverts.  On the advert a date was issued telling the target audience when the digipack woud become available.  This is conventional of magazine adverts as most adverts selling music artists would advertise for an upcoming album or tour dates.  In my opinion I feel that the group sell the band well and the lead singer as he gets most the screen time.  This is quite conventional as the lead singer of bands usually gets the most screen time and we done this with our three man band.  The other two members also got screen time but not as much as the lead singer.  Also included on the digipack was a barcode and on the magazine advert we included quotes and a rating which is very conventional of them both. 

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?
In my view I feel that our combination of our main product, the music video and our ancillary tasks are very effective.  I feel that they are professional and would sell in the market to potential fans.  It is obvious from the music video that we are a rock/indie band from the music and the editing of the music video.  I think we have linked the look of an indie/rock band to our ancillary tasks and made a professional digipack and magaine advert.  The digipack stands out as a DVD for indie/rock music with the use of the red and black colours and the black and white image of the band on the front.  From seeing the digipack cover 'fans' are going to be able to identify with the band and the type of music they play.  The magazine advert also uses the theme of red and black which shows continuity in the bands marketing style.  The font style is also the same from the one used on the magazine advert and the style used on digipack cover.  This continuity gives 'fans' a look to associate the band with.  The ancillary products include images on them from the main product so this helps combine the two well as the audience will notice the band. 

What have you learned from audience feedback?
From the audience feedback we recieved from our peers I learnt that we produced a good quality music video which was funny and entertained and maintained their attention throughout. The feedback from classmates was helpful because most of them would be part of our target audience and they are all media students so therefore they would have a good media knowledge and be able to suggest good ideas.  All the groups liked out video but also gave us feedback on improvements we could make to improve our video.  This feedback was very important when it came to the final cut as it allowed us to improve from our previous cut and make our even better. We recieved feedback such as ' you could include more locations for variety' and 'improve on your costumes to make you look indie.'  We also recieved feedback such as ' it lacked creative flair' and 'you could use more effects such as motions keys and split screen.'  This feedback was extremely helpful and the whole group read the feedback and we all acted on it.  On hearing the feedback the group got together for another session of filming so we could include a variety of locations in our video and add new ideas as suggested in out feedback.  During filming we were also more creative when we were more experimental with the camera - this was also acted on because of feedback recieved.  For the final cut we added a slit screen effect and included motion keys where we had text coming up on the screen where appropriate.  This also acted on feedback we receieved so all in all it was very helpful and allowed us to improve immensly. 

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
The group used a variety of media technologies in the construction of our music project, a music video for the song "Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed."  We used filming material such as HD video cameres, tripods, dollys and stills camera's in the production of the music video.  We then used blog on the internet (, Final Cut Expess, PhotoShop and internet serch sites such as Google before, during and in the post production process.  In the Final Cut program, when editing, I learnt new skills such as how to use the split screen effect and how to include the motion key effect with text coming onto the screen.  On photoshop I learnt how to crop pictures when you add the onto your product.  This was very helpful when including screenshots from our music video on our ancillary tasks.  From looking on the internet on search sites such as Google it really helped my research skills as we had to look for inspiration for our music video.

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