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Evaluation Questions - Michael

In what way does your media product us, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our music video is of a song in the indie/rock genre: all the different types of music have their own unique conventions but try not to stereotype for example hip-hop has the large and flashy cars and multi-million mansions. However ours follows the foundations and conventions of an indie music video very loosely to keep a sense of originality and to attract those who may not be keen on the run of the mill live instrument music videos. A definite video that inspired the video was The Pigeon Detectives ‘I’m Not Sorry’ which involved not a core story but included aspects such as ours did. Elements of our video also reminisce of an old Beatles video with the use of telephone boxes and the band members being pursued by the camera. Our music product uses the Goodwin points to create a individual and effective video; the use of matching the music and lyrics to visuals plays heavily in the music video; the snappy changes of clips works perfectly alongside the up-tempo chorus and intro; furthermore the clips they are based on lyrics used in the song such as the coffee shop we have matched but played our own twist to it to ensure an unusual but thought provoking scene. Also the ‘ski cap’ remark is constantly referred to in the song and is repeated on a few occasions in our video. Voyeurism is not necessarily a major input in indie videos and therefore was not incorporated into our video however surprisingly we received feedback mentioning that one of the band members wearing a vest was voyeurism (this also was a lyric to visual). Again intertextuality is not used excessively in indie videos and is probably more suited to mainstream music and those artists who are always mentioned when on the news and the music charts however there are clips in our music video which could be seen as intertextuality but are likely they have been placed into the video unintentionally. The use of a Peugeot car in unintentional as it was the only car we had access to however there are some instances where large motor vehicle companies would be outbidding each other to be include in such music videos. Furthermore large corporate companies do like to engage and sponsor such media products so they are able to promote their certain products to most audiences. Like with so many bands the lead singer is normally focused with the most attention and this pattern appears in our music video with Ciro at the centre of attention in the majority of the video however we do involve the rest of the group but with not such emphasis as we are trying to sell the artist and fans are more likely to react and respond to the focus being on the lead singer. Our ancillary texts are also conventional as they follow a simple two tone colour scheme with little exuberance and a dark emphasis with the red/black background and the rigid fonts and simple colouring. On the other hand we did not include musical instruments which are a mainstay in many Indie/Rock music videos but did not fit in with the synopsis of our music video but originally we had the idea of a studio scene but we felt this removed from the snappy and up-tempo pace of the video. We also touched upon some indie specific characteristics with clothing not being exotic or colourful and using mostly dull and shaded apparel. We included the exuberance and atmosphere of the indie genre so that it would not go off on a tangent creating a more rock or pop feeling.

How effective is the combinations of your main product and ancillary texts?

The two ancillary texts work perfectly together as they both have a recurring theme; the DVD cover and magazine advert show the same layout and themes so that the audience will memorise when flicking through a magazine or in an entertainment store they will recognise the poster/advert or DVD cover and be able to relate to the product as they have seen it before. However when combined with the music video personally to me they do not create the same atmosphere compared to the ancillary tasks on their own. There is an obvious correlation between the fonts used in the ancillary texts which standout and give the band their own style and signature compared to other simpleton bands. Furthermore the use of colour themes adds to this signature and look where many audience and fans could recognise the band poster from afar and therefore be able to stick in their minds. The only downside to the ancillary texts is the band image as it was taken on the computer’s built in webcam and included only two of the band members as I was originally just the director/cameraman but had to be included to fill the void left by the third member due to absences and another negative is that the lead singer is not solely focused on as much as he should be and this would attract the audience increasingly if this was the case but he is slightly hidden in the photo. Moreover the image is of a poor quality but has the roughness to exceed past expectations as it adds a vintage/industrial feel to the rigid texts. However this does not relate to the media product as the band members are dressed rather modern. The ancillary texts portray the band in a positive light fit for the genre however the actual costume in the video fails and leaves us behind to create a successful combination of video and digipack.

What have you learned from audience feedback?

Audience feedback was mostly positive with many of my fellow peers stating a lot of creativeness was included in our music video with the use of effects and the way in which we edited our video to look like were doing certain things such as the telephone box trick and Ciro morphing into Jamie. The feedback was useful and allowed us to pin the video up against an audience of the correct age and interests, this was positive as we received a few laughs and were able to captivate their attentions for the entirety of the video. However we received feeback from the rough cut preview and the comments received were that we had a lack of clips and some of the locations were too repetitive in a bad way, these comments were all very helpful and we were grateful as it allowed us to realise that another filming session was needed so we could take the negative comments and turn them into positive reviews after the final cut showing. Our only criticism was that the costume did not match the genre and we felt we knew this but did not know how to correctly incorporate into the video and with a lack of provided resources in this department we had to use what was available and personally I felt we did much better than other groups in our same genre. To add further the performance of the lip syncing was credited as it was close to spot on with some instances we needed to edit the film tempo to match the movement of the lead singers lips to the lyrics and audio, this was sometimes a struggle but from the reviews we obviously had impressed. 
      How did you use media technologies in the constructions and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Technology has allowed us to access any source that we needed to help complete our tasks. The majority of the work took place on the Mac’s which allowed us to use specific software to create and edit our music video, most notably the use of Final Cut which allowed us to transfer our footage that we filmed on the high definition cameras. From this we could cut and edit clips to the precise cuts we wanted so we could place them into the order in which our music video was based on. This software also allowed us to use video transitions and effects to change the video in such a way that it has a different atmosphere as well as taking something from its original and transforming it into something more epic and capable of attracting an audience. Another piece of software I used was Photoshop; this was used for the ancillary texts, the DVD cover and magazine advert. This program allows for me to create a professional looking media product in a much simpler process. The internet was a large benefit and advantage for us to research, plan and evaluate. YouTube allowed us to look up previous music videos and generate some ideas from them moreover it provides tutorials for us to learn from in case we need to do something specific for example a certain pattern or technique on Photoshop. The use of Blogger allowed us to keep our ideas stored and in chronological order so that we can chop and change any blog posts and look back over ideas. Furthermore it allowed others to look at our work and ideas and comment with positive feedback or creative criticism so we could re-analyse their thoughts and make any suitable changes. The use of a Google account to access the Long Road Music Video blog and to insert photos into our blog posts. Moreover the use of lyric based websites allowed us to provide the correct lyrics for us to use in the lip synchronisation.

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