Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Directors Commentary Ideas

For our location we feel that one of the sports rooms in college would be the best place to do it. We think that this is a good location because we can organise with our teachers when the rooms are free. It is also very quiet which means there wont be any unwanted background noise.

Style and Presentation:
We decided that we would have all the members of our group talking by themselves. We think this will be a better way because it will give all the members their individual opinions for what we did in our video. We will be jumping from the interview to footage from the music video so that the audience can see what they are referring to. We are also going to include extra footage of the making of the video, this will backup what the members of the group are saying during the interview. We will look into using the projector in the room so that we can have the video playing while we talk. We have incorporated the ancillary tasks into video to ensure that when talking about it the audience has a source to compare the opinions of the directors to the actual product itself.   

When we are doing the interviews there are some points that we want to keep consistent throughout. As Dom has not been present recently we have decided to plan as if he was not here on the day of filming the interviews. We decided that throughout all four questions we want the order to be Jamie, Ciro and then Michael each giving their views on each question. Throughout all the questions we want to have our music video showing in the background so you can see the video all the time.

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