Friday, 12 November 2010

Teacher Feedback

Our media studies teacher Holly Taylor has recently viewed our music video towards the end of the editing process.  She has given us some very helpful feedback which we intend to improve upon to make music video even better. 

She gave us some very positive feedback mentioning that our change of scenery throughout the video is good as well as our change of band focus where we focus on the individual members as well as showing the band as a whole.  Holly also said we met the Goodwin point of matching the lyrics with the visuals which was one of our intentions.  She also thought we used a variety of camera shots and angles which is good so it doesn't make the video boring and the audience doesn't lose their concentration and attention.  Also mentioned in her feedback was the good selection of mise-en-scene as the scenes selected are true of the genre.  Holly also thought our video reminded her of the Beatles which appeals to an older audience so therefore we attract both a young audience and an older one.  Her final point was that the video was funny therefore it is attracting our target audience which is one of our aims.

Holly also gave us some constructive feedback in terms of what we could improve upon.  She feels that if we include editing techniques such as split screen and motion keys it would make the different from the rest and make it even more interesting.  With the motion keys she suggested that we put the "la la la's" over the out of sync footage when Ciro sung the lyris as "blah blah blah".  With the split screen effect she suggested that we use each band member within this and see what we can do with it.  

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