Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Questionairre to Assess The Target Audience

The following questionnaire will help us assess what the target audience is for our DVD cover and magazine advert for our type of genre.    

1) What colours would you expect to see on our DVD cover and magazine advert?
Black, punk, rock and roll colours.
Black  to fit genre
Black, red, masculine colours
Black,red blue, darker colours

2) What font style do you think would be suitable for out genre? What sort of size would you expect to see the font?
Alternative font, strange.
Large, different style.
Large, bold, maybe capitals.
Large striking bold font.

3) Do you think all the band members should be in the DVD cover and magazine advert or just the main singer?  What sort of position would you expect the image to be in?
I think all the members should be on the front with their instruments.
Group image with lead singer in the middle.
Main artist should be main focus/centre, rest of the band should be in the background.
The main singer should be in the centre of the picture, with the others behind in the background. 

4) Would you expect there to be more than one image on the magazine advert and DVD cover?
Yes multiple images of the group.
Maybe one image on the magazine advert (or atleast a main one) and on the DVD cover maybe several pictures including some on the back.
Yeah, a few images 

5) What sort of pictures do you think we should use?
Scenes from the music video and from shooting it.
Stills from filming.
Pictures that relate to the video (maybe wearing the same costume from video)
Screenshots from the music video, or stills if you took them whilst filming.

6) Do you think it is important to have a review and rating on the front cover of our DVD for a video of our genre?
Yes so that the audience know how good the DVD is.
It can help make the video more appealing and intriguing. 
Yes because it sells how good it will be.

7) Where do you think we should position the age certificate logos, production company logos etc?
 Put the age ratings on the front and most of the production company logo's on the back and the front.
In the corner on the front so its clear what rating. 
They should be on the bottom of the picture maybe some on the back and front of the DVD. 
In the bottom corners, but still need to be made clear.

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