Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Marking Criteria For Music Video

  1. Holding a shot steady where appropriate.
  2. Framing - including and excluding elements.
  3. Variety of shot distances.
  4. Shooting Material appropriate to the task.
  5. Selecting Mise-en-Scene.
  6. Editing so meaning is apparent to the viewer.
  7. Using varied shot transitions.
  8. Using sound with images editing appropriately. 

The music video has a numerousy of steady shots but there are also a minority of some which have a slight unsteadiness however these are unnoticeable.

We have a large variety of angles and shots in our music video, to name a few we have low angled shots as well as close ups, handheld, dolly and high angled shots.  

We feel throughout out video that we shot footage appropriate to the task.  We shot all the lip syncing shots that are appropriate to the lyrics, we also included many places that were mentioned in the video such as the coffee shop.

We used appropriate costumes for the genre of video that we decided to go with as well as props. We chose locations that are in keeping with the genre aswell.

We used editing to make the LALALA bit stand out in the chorus additionally we used editing to speed everything up in order to convey the theme of the song which is a wild night out.

We didn't really use any shot transitions as we didn't feel the need to.

We used sound with images appropriately all the lyrics match our video and editing. When the song talks about a coffee shop there is a shot of the group sitting outside a coffe shop. Also when the song talks about messy hair there is a shot of Dom messing up his hair.

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