Friday, 26 November 2010

Magazine Advert Idea's

Below is a list of the genre characteristics that are associated with a magazine advert for a music video. 

  • Title. Of the product that is being advertised. Must stand out to attract possible audience.
  • Band Name. So that the viewing audience can link the product to the band. This must be equally as big as title product otherwise the audience may not be attracted to the actual product rather than the band itself.
  • Picture of the band. Another form of attraction to audience, for example younger audience are more likely to be interested in pictures rather than information so this is vital to attract the highest possible numbers.
  • Release Date. Vital information so that people know the when as well as who and what.
  • Reviews/Quotations. People want to know that the product is worthy to purchase so that it is not a waste of money.
  • Price. Not always necessary but some people tend to be interested in special deals or exclusivity, the poster could include specifics such as where to buy the product or special deal price.

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