Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Filming - Day 3

Day 3 started very badly after Dom was unfortunately absent from filming. This left Ciro, Michael and Jamie with the task of making our music video look professional despite one of the band members not being present. We started by Ciro filming Jamie on his bike on the way to meet Michael in town. We did this because we hope that if we speed this up it could have an unique affect and could be used to some instrumental. We then started to film in the market square where Michael suggested using four telephone boxes in a row to create an affect of Ciro and Jamie moving from one box to the other without leaving the first one. However we found problems due to the amount of people who do not realise we're recording so they find it acceptable to walk in front of the camera ruining our shot.

We then moved to our second location of the night, Quayside. The original idea was to use the dolly on the boardwalk next to the river but this was not suitable because the surface was not flat meaning the dolly would get caught between the wooden planks. The group then saw a small surronded area with a fountain in the middle, we decided that this would be another possible location for our 2nd verse and chorus. This meant that we had more locations to select from when we edit.

Our final location of the night was down an alley on Portugal Place. We used this location to again film the 2nd verse. We again thought that this would give us another location that we can use to make our video quick and snappy. Furthermore we recorded little mini shots to use as backup just in case some of our other recordings were not up to the grade. Moreover we filmed clips hoping that we could use them to create effects, for example a 360 spin that started with Ciro and by half way it had turned into Jamie.

In conclusion the night as a whole was successful, we got some new locations and filmed some more of the chorus and 2nd verse which will allow us to finish our video and use different locations to keep the vido interesting throughout.

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