Tuesday, 2 November 2010

P1-02 Feedback

Overall the video fitted the genre because of the artists clothes and actions. The visuals matched the lyrics e.g when they went to the coffee shop. The different scenery changes were good as it didn't get boring and they use a variety of shots. We liked the bits of comedy in the video for example when they were doing funny facial expressions this was good with close ups. The lip syncing was a little off so possible trying to get better timing with the song.  The scene at night could of been brightened a little bit so that the audience is clear what is going on. There could also be an improvement in long shots of the group as sometimes someone gets cut out of the screen. This video meets the genre characteristics of the chosen song and shows the artists having a good time. The video sells the artists as a group and there is alot of shots of them together.

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