Tuesday, 2 November 2010

P1-03 Feedback

We think that this was a good music video and the images suited the genre of music well.To improve we think that you could take more shots so that it is more faced paced cuts.
The costume changes were good.
Goodwin's Points:
There was a bit of voyeurism when Dom was drying his hair in his vest.
The artist is sold as a really nice guy and he comes across well in the video.
Music and visuals: The lyrics of the song match up a lot of the time with what they are doing. For example having a drink at the coffee shop (tea shop ;) )
Music and lyrics: It is lip synced well.
Intertextuality: We don't think there is intertextuality used in this video because the shots are quite original.
Genre characteristics: The genre isn't completely met as their outfits are not very indie.

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