Tuesday, 2 November 2010

P1-01 Feedback

Overall, as a group we found the music video amusing and enjoyable to watch. (Dom drying his hair and Jamie rolling his eyes)
In the second verse we feel as though the lip syncing went out of time a little but it went back quickly so it was not that noticeable.

Goodwin's Points:

Voyeurism: The humor of it was enjoyable to watch. For example, at the very beginning when they were having a laugh and at the cake shop "Aunties tea shop"

Music and Visuals: During the chorus' the artist was surrounded by the others walking on parkers piece this was a form of music and visuals.

Music and Lyrics: Tea shop and sitting side by side was in the lyrics and shown on screen this was good as it met the Goodwin's point music and lyrics.

Genre characteristics: Clothing didn't really match the genre of the music (alternative rock/indie) however they filmed on the street and at different times of the day.

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