Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Editing - Day 3

Yesterday we came across a technical problem while transferring our footage to the computer we unfortunately stumbled into a computer crash leaving us without our needed footage. We were allowed an extended time slot to repeat this process so we could dive straight into editing when our lesson started.

Dom did not show for another important session in the production of our Music Video. However it was a blessing in disguise as it allowed us to concentrate on what was needed.  Overall the group has progressed well in the last couple of lessons (minus the computer crash and Dom's attendance).  We have managed to complete a lot of editing and we are now nearer to our final product being completed and becoming ready for publishing.

During the editing in this session we came across a few problems with the lip syncing but we overcame these problems by shortening clips where necessary, speeding up/slowing down clips or including new footage to replace the old.  The problem with the lip syncing was that Ciro wasn't singing true to the version of the song that we edit to on the computers, therefore we had trouble syncing the words with his mouth but overcame this using the techniques mentioned above.


@ 15:25 the computer crashed again so we lost our work for a third time. This means we have to redo the whole of our editing which we started @ 13:40.

@ 15:51 Ciro decided to save it for the first time.

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