Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Analyse a digipack and magazine advert example made by last years students

Above is a DVD cover produced by one of last years students.  The front cover has an image of the whole band so this creates voyerism for their 'fans'.  The bland grey background isn't very conventional of a rock music video so therefore I wouldn't expect to see it on a DVD cover for their songs.  Instead they chose the grey colour where I would of probably chosen red, black and dark colours. 

The font chosen here by the students is black but with the grey background I do not think this contrasts well giving the title of the DVD a bad effect and not fulfilling its marketing potential.  The front cover all in all is very simple with there also being a logo of the production company in the bottom centre.  

The spine of the DVD cover also has the grey background which shows they have continuity in their work but I think this is the wrong colour to use for their genre.  They also have text on the spine naming the band - 'Pacific Ocean Blue' in the same black font which is used on the front.  As mentioned for the front cover I do not think this was the most effective way of marketing their songs on a DVD as their font choice, font colour and background colour do not meet the convetions of a rock DVD.  

Finally the back cover of the DVD has the same grey background with their being a screenshot from their video showing all four band members.  This shows the band as they would look like in the video and will make fans want to buy it to see more.  They also have a quote on the back of their DVD cover which is conventional as is using a rating showing how many stars 'The Sun' newspaper rates their DVD.  Below the image of the band they also include information of what is included on the DVD in a darker grey font.  Again I do not agree with this use of grey as I have explained above but overall it is conventional as this is what is expected to be seen on a back of a digipack.  A barcode is also included along with the DVD logo and production company logo which are all conventional of digipacks and DVD covers. 

 Last years students have gone with a similar theme with the magazine advert to to their digipack which is what most people tend to do and it works - but with this group as I didn't like their use of grey in their DVD cover I still do not like the use of it in their magazine advert.  But overall it meets conventions as it has an image promoting the band in a centralised position at the top of the advert.  It also has the DVD logo on it explaining that it is a DVD that is about to be released and they have release dates noted on the poster so their fans know when the DVD is being released to go on sale.  On the advert they also have tour dates noted so fans can go see them live which is conventional of a magazine advert promoting a band of this genre.  They also have logo's of NME which show the institutions that are supporting that band and this is quite conventional of a band of this genre.

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