Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Analyse a digipack and magazine advert that is from the same genre of your music video

This is the DVD cover for production by Greenday.  The DVD includes the footage when they performed in Berlin for a Live 8 concert.  I feel their music is of a sort of similar genre so have picked a DVD cover by them to analyse.

Greenday's front cover has a picture of all three of the band members - I feel this is important as they want to create voyeurism for all of the band members not just one.  In the picture they are wearing clothes that fit their genre (rock) so therefore this creates voyerism to their fans and makes them seem more attractive to their target audience.

The font used is what I expected of this genre - it is quite a funky font you wouldnt expect to see on any other genre's DVD cover.  The name of the band is written in black which is a colour associated with rock along with red which has also been used when naming the concert they were performing at on the front cover.  The front cover is very simple with their being just a picture and text on display.

On the spine of the cover it has the DVD logo showing that the product is a DVD which I would expect to see on a DVD as this is conventional.  The spine also includes white text of the same font style used on the front showing contiuity whilst also being simple naming the DVD and where they are performing and on which date.  The white font is contrasted against the black background so therefore this gives excellent effect agaisnt the colours and makes it seem very rocky.

The back cover of the DVD has a picture of only the main band member live in concert.  I think this picture has been well chosen as it is a good shot of the singer and is voyerism for his fans.  Beyond the picture on the back cover the name of the band and where they were performing are shown in text once again where the same font style is used.  The font style is continued throughout and has a great effect and is very conventional of the genre.  The colours a mixed around this time giving the DVD cover variety where 'Greenday' is shown in white instead of black like it is on the front cover.  The names of the songs which they perform at the concert are also noted on the back cover in a smaller white font just above where the 'Live 8' logo has been positioned.  The DVD logo is also used on the back cover, meeting conventions, where it is displayed in the bottom left hand corner. 

This is a magazine advert for Greenday promoting their Europe Tour in 2009.  The colours used in their magazine advert are very conventional to that of its genre where lots of dark black and red colours are used.  This is what you would expect to see in a punk rock bands magazine adverts.  The name of the band is shown in big bold white font with the 'R' being edited so there is a cross going through it giving it that extra punky rock look.  A picture of the three band members is shown on the magazine adverts which shows fans what they will be expecting at the tour and attracts the target audience.  There are images on the poster of a car and two lovers standing on it kissing - this is very distinctive of Greenday as they have used this image before to promote an album and have posters selling in shops with this image on promoting the band.  In the background there is also an image of a a bright red and yellow flame which is also convetional of a magazine advert for this genre.  On the magazine advert they also have a picture of another band and text reading, 'with Primma Donna'.  This shows they also have a support band coming on tour with them and lets the fans know what they will be seeing if they watch them on tour.  In the bottom left hand corner is the official Greenday website - www.greenday.com and in the bottom right is their supporting bands MySpace site - www.myspace.com/primmadonna

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