Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Target Audience Tasks

Task One
Butch walker & the Black Widows belong in the country/rock genres (more rock really). Their typical fans as surmised from MySpace are people between 25 - 40 mostly men who dress alternatively. Although that being said there seem to be quite a few 'normal' people who are fans on MySpace. Generally I'd say most of them appear to live in the southern states of America.

Task Two
Since we will be using another artists song in our video we decided to email the record label that signs Butch Walker to ask for permission. Below is a screenshot of the email:

Task Three

Task Four
We went on a website called FindYourTribe.co.uk which determines what social group you belong to. We entered the information as if we were a typical fan of Butch Walker. The results were kind of sketchy, the jist of it was that they would dress scruff and enjoy partying and driving around in 4x4s. The results said that the fan would be a "Rah" (whatever that is...?)

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