Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Rough Cut Deadline

How do you think the rough cut looks?
The rough cut looks as we expected what we have done works well in that everything fits in with the lyrics. There is still alot of editing to do mainly involving speed issues which need to be rectified in order to make the footage sync correctly with the music.

What filming do you still need to do?
We need to film more lip syncing scenes also we need to film some instrumental stuff. Ideally we'd also like to include more scenes where the visuals compare to the lyrics .i.e the fly on the wall scene. We might also need to get some footage of random locations just to fill in some of the gaps - these will be relevant to the video.

What do you anticipate your peers will suggest or comment?
Our peers will probably appreciate some of the comic value of our video. I think that it's likely that they will say there needs to be more singing in the video; additionally they might comment on the lack of musical instrumenst which we previously mentioned in our other posts.

Rough Cut video:

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