Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Filming - Day 2

Tuesday 12th October 2010

This was our second scheduled filming day and allowed us to wrap up any scenes and shots that needed to be recorded so that we could start on the rough cut of our music video. The filming took place in a few locations; Long Road Sixth Form College, Sorrento Hotel and Cavendish Road.

With all four members of the group present we were able to have a very successful second day of filming. Initially we started at Long Road using the quad to shoot some long shots of Ciro lip syncing with the other two band members in the background (Jamie and Dom). We varied the shots slightly so that we had a good selection of clips when editing. From here we went to Sorrento Hotel by bike and Dom by bus.

We recorded the majority of our shots at the hotel. Firstly in a hotel room provided by Ciro's family who own the business. In the hotel we were able to record our own initial idea and were able to be expanded on. Ciro was able to phone his sister (Catelina) who kindly came down to the hotel to allow us to use her car. This allowed us to record the shots that were focused around the car.

Earlier in the day we were able to record the green screen footage which was in the media studio at Long Road Sixth Form College.

Overall I believe that we have a broad selection of film to be able to create a music video that sticks to our initial plans. As a group we worked cooperatively and had no major problems that affected the recording of music video.

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