Sunday, 10 October 2010

Filming - Day 1

Saturday 09th October 2010
Today was the first day of filming where the group got together and started to progress in shooting all the city scenes that will be located in the town area of Cambridge.

Overall I would say that it was a succesful shoot despite the fact that we couldn't shoot some scenes where we wanted to, mainly because it was too busy.    This wasn't a problem though as we had back up locations in mind and could film the appropriate scenes in these locations.    In one scene where we film the chorus the area was too busy to film in as the camera man had to do a tracking shot from the front walking backwards - this wasn't very appropriate so we thought up an idea to film the area we were going to do the shot in for a few minutes and then later on in the process green screen the video footage and film from the green screen studio.

We didn't focus on too many lip syncing shots - as mostly all the town location scenes are the narrative of the video whilst most the lip syncing will be in the studio scenes.  We lip synced where appropriate (such as walking through Parkers Piece).

So far as progress is concerned I feel that we are getting on well together in producing the video and are making efficient progress.  In terms of things left to do, we need to film all the studio shots (location: college), Sorrento Hotel shots (location: Cherry Hinton Road), the fight scene (location: tbd subject to change), the green screen shots (location: green screen studio in college) and the car scenes (location: Luard Road). 

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