Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Call Sheet

 Call Sheet #1
Friday 8th October 2010

Director: Michael Frattasi

Assistant Director: Jamie Hilsden

Producer: Ciro Ruggiero


Junction                                                      Call time: 16:10
Clifton Way                                                On location: 16:30
Cambridge CB1 7GX                                
Sets:                                                            Scenes:

Outside a club                                            6


Ciro Ruggiero
Jamie Hilsden
Michael Frattasi  

Camera: Dom Robinson
Sound: Butch Walker. We will be using a phone to help us lip sing.
Costume: Michael Frattasi, Jamie Hilsden and Ciro Ruggiero. We will be wearing costumes to look more like an indie band and appeal to our audience.

2nd location:

Cambridge Leisure Park                               Call time: 17:00
Cherry Hill Road, Cambridge CB1 7DY      On location: 17:10

Sets:                                                             Scenes:

Restaurant                                                    17


Ciro Ruggiero
Jamie Hilsden

Camera: Michael Frattasi
Sound: Butch Walker. We will be using a phone to help us lip sing.
Costume: Ciro Ruggiero and Jamie Hilsden. We will be wearing costumes to look like an indie band to appeal to the audience.

Transport: Bikes

16:10                                                              Call
16:30                                                              Meet with equipment at junction and set up to shoot
16:40                                                              Shoot
17:00                                                              Move to Chiquitos
17:10                                                              Set up to shoot
17:20                                                              Shoot
18:00                                                              Rap it up
18:20                                                              Travel home


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