Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Amateur vs Professional

In this part of the blog I am going to analyse the differences between a student and a real artist music video.

Student Video - "Pacific Ocean Blue"

Professional Video - Busted - "Year 3000"

There is an obvious difference between the two videos.  Firstly the students music video was very entertaining throughout keeping my attention.  It met all the conventions of a real music video of this genre and looked very professional.

You can tell the difference between the two video's as the students video has a lower camera quality than the professional video. In the "Year 3000" video they have a much better camera quality which makes the video look overall more professional.  Obviously they would have better camera quality as they have more money to buy better cameras than the students working on their project.

The professional music video has more access to technology and editing software than the students amateur music video - this is shown in the opening of the "Year 3000" video where it looks like a game is being played.  Throughout the video it looks like they are going through a cartoon world - this is through technology available to the professional artists which the amateur students cannot access.   The professional music video also incorporates a range of shot types and angles which make it more interesting to watch.  There are also a range of colours used in the video to keep the audiences attention.  The students tried their best with the colours but were also limited to what they can do because of their limited access to technology etc.  I felt that the students made it very interesting by incorporating many different types of shots such as medium shot, low angle shot, close up shot, close up on guitar shot, high angle shot, POV shot and a hand held shot.  In their editing they included a slow motion shot and also made it look like they fit 4 people into a small box through their editing skills - I thought this was very clever.   I also liked how they made the stage scenes look professional by including lighting affects. 

Overall I think that the amateur video made by the students was a brillaint effort as it looked very professional and it seemed like that spent a lot of time planning for the shooting of the video and used their editing skills well.  The professional video relates to its target audience just like the students video does as it included conventions of the genre of music.  The Busted video is trying to attract young teenagers who like pop music and by using bright colourful colours it will get their attention and will give them voyerism when watching the video.   The students video also attracted their target audience by meeting the conventions of the genre.

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