Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Photoshop Task

How far did you get?
We produced a basic front cover which consists of the name of the band, album title, a picture, the DVD logo and an age rating logo.  Our front cover is very basic and not very imaginative but this is because we had limited time to complete the task and we wanted to focus on including all the conventions of a DVD cover.  We were limited with what we managed to include on the back cover due to our time management in which we can look to improve on in the real task.  We included a picture and a background colour to the back cover too.  We started to work on the spine of the cover but we did not get very far.  So far we have just included a picture.   

What did you struggle with?
We struggled with time keeping as we did not complete the whole task but this is to be improved upon on the actual product as we can plan our time efficiently.  We also struggled with the basic photo shop skills but during the course of the task we developed and re-established them again.  

How much time do you think you will need for the real thing?
For the real DVD cover we think we need two solid lessons to work on it to make it a good piece of work.  Two lessons will give us three hours to complete the real thing which should be plenty of time.  

What skills have you developed?
During the photo shop task we developed skills in cropping photographs and erasing parts of photos.  We have also developed  skills in layer management and adding text to the piece of work.

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