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Music Video Pitch - "Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed" by Butch Walker

The song we have chosen to do is called "Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed" by Butch Walker. We chose this song because it was our favourite from the selection and we feel we could create a good video based on this song. This song tells the story of two people who have been out the previous night and are now experiencing the repercussions of this. The lyrics of the song explain it:

Initial Ideas
The song we have chosen to do has a rock/indie genre and it is quite upbeat so we want to include a lot of quick changes in camera shots, close up shots, to include instruments, close ups on the instrument shots and close up on faces when miming.  We have researched other music videos that share the same genre and we have chosen the Pigeon Detectives song "I'm Not Sorry" as the music video that inspires us most.  Below is the link to the Pigeon Detectives video:

This video has shown us that our original ideas would match the genre of our song.  We are taking inspiration from this video as it has many of the conventions that are included in a rock/indie music video.  They use black and white throughout their video which gives it a dark a gloomy indie type look as the storyline is about a breakup.  They also use instruments in their music video with their being many close up shots of the electric guitar being strummed which is a convention of the indie music video.  There are also a lot of close up shot of the faces when the song is being mimed which is another convention of an indie music video which we will look to include in our own music video.  

We have decided that Ciro will play the lead singer in the video, Dominic and Jamie will most likely just be playing instruments - electric guitars. All members of the group will take part in the camerawork although we expect that Michael will be involved with the camera the most, instead of playing a part in the music video itself.


Verse 1: Throughout the video we plan to use a number of locations which will match the visuals to the lyrics.   In the introduction of the song (0.00 -0.15) the lead singers will be in a car driving along when Ciro will switch on the radio when the song will start playing sounding as if it is coming from the radio at first.  The song will then kick off and in the first verse the lyrics mention somebody breaking up a fight - here we plan to get an outside location in a town setting where the lead singers are involved in breaking up a fight - this matches the lyrics to the visuals - we want to use this as a theme throughout.  

Verse 2: In the second verse the lyrics mention a coffee shop - we want to use a coffee shop located in town for this part of the song where there will be a narrative between the miming parts of the song.  The band will be filmed chilling out "dressed as we are" in "Starbucks" coffee shop in town (as seen in the picture).

Verse 3 - CHORUS: This verse is the chorus of the song.  Our idea for the chorus is to have the band singing and playing the instruments in areas around the Cambridge city centre such as Parker's Piece etc.  The lyrics mention "all day" and "all night" - when shooting this we want their to be an obvious difference in the time of day showing that the band sing all day and all night.   "All morning" we want to get shots of the band just waking up having a big yawn and sitting and the side of the bed yawning.  The indoor, bedroom, waking up shots will be shot at the Sorrento Hotel in a free room as seen in the picture below.  The Sorrento Hotel will also be used for filming where we smash up the room (in a rockstar style).     

Verse 4: This verse mentions hair being a mess so here we will use band member Dom to shoot him with messy hair.  The location of this will be at the Sorrento Hotel and he will be looking in a mirror fixing his hair up whilst we also come back to shots of the whole band miming together.  
Verse 5: In this verse the lyrics mention "sitting side by side" at a table with a "line outside" so we will look to get a busy location so that we can "listen to the conversations like two flies on a wall".  Again we will use a town location for this - Chiquito's restaurant at Cineworld Leisure Park as seen in the picture. 
Verse 6 - 8 - CHORUS: The band singing and playing the instruments in areas around the Cambridge city centre such as Parker's Piece etc.  The lyrics mention "all day" and "all night" - when shooting this we want their to be an obvious difference in the time of day showing that the band sing all day and all night.  As there are three chorus's in a row we will differentiate slightly between each one including different scenes such as the lead singer cruising around different locations in Cambridge whilst miming and also we will get different camera shots of the band in the car together and climbing out the windows etc in rockstar style.

Performance Style 
Posted earlier in this blog is the video to "I'm Not Sorry" by the Pigeon Detectives - we are inspired by this video and will perform in a similar style to this with the lead singer at the front doing most of the miming whilst the 2 others are in the background playing instruments and also miming along.  We will not go to the extremes of smashing a car up with guitars but we will try to go along with this as much as possible. 
Editing Style/Filming Style
Editing style will be quick and snappy which will match the tempo of the song.  We want to include lots of close up shots - which is a main convention of any music video.  We will include a wide range of shots but keep the theme of matching visuals to lyrics throughout.  We will also switch between the band members miming and an outside narrative which matches the lyrics to the visuals.  Our filming style will range  - in the band member shots we will have a mostly handheld style so that the video comes across as indie/rocky.  In the narrative shots we will most likely use handheld camera and a still tripod shot. 

Props needed for our music video include:
  • Electric guitars (supplied by Dom and Ciro)
  • Car (supplied by Ciro and his sister)
  • Mirror 
  • Coffee's 
  • Car Radio
  • Clothing (e.g. vest, ski cap)
  • Carlsberg beer can

Overall Vision
Our overall vision for our music video is to create a professional looking indie music video.  We plan to do this by meeting the conventions of an indie music video.  We want to use a range of shots in our video, mainly focusing on close up shots of instrumentals and miming.  We also want to have a narrative in the video so therefore we will switch between the band (which is made up of Ciro Jamie and Dom) miming in a studio setting and a narrative in outside locations like explained above.  We want to steer clear from using too many long shots as these are not very effective in music videos.  We want to use a variety of locations in our video to keep it interesting for the viewer and to maintain their attention.  We will be filming at a number of locations around town and inside a car.  We will also be using a hotel called the Sorrento in which Ciro has access too.    Throughout the video we want to maintain a theme of matching the visuals with the lyrics so we will try to do this when we can.  We will be filming the video on both the tripod and in a handheld way.  The handheld way is to try and emulate the indie lifestyle and the tripod shots will be used when necessary such as when filming the band miming together at a studio location and when need in and around Cambridge.  We want to edit the video so that the shots come in and out quite quickly making the video look quite snappy and in tempo with the upbeat music. 

How does it meet Goodwin's points?
There are 6 different points that we would like to try and make our music video match these 6 points. These are also known as Goodwin's points. The first of Goodwin's points is genre, we feel that our video will meet the genre which we have decided is indie/pop. To meet this point we have looked at various videos that are in the same genre and have picked out some common things from them all that we will try to include in our music video. The second of Goodwin's points is visuals/lyrics, this is the point that means the visuals in the video match the lyrics. We will be looking to do this in our video by sometimes showing what it says in the lyrics, e.g. when it mentions messy hair we will show a band member with messed up hair. The next of Goodwin's points is visuals/music, this is where the visuals work well with the music. We will try to do this in our video by having quick snappy shot changes because we believe it will suite the quick tempo of the music. The fourth point is the need to sell the artist, we will try to put this in our video by showing the band with a very indie look such as the cloths they will be wearing because it will attract the indie audience. We will also try to show them as people that like to go out and party which also matches the lyrics, this will appeal to a younger audience who are interested in going out. The next point is inter-textuality, this includes any referencing or us showing any brands. We may use inter-textuality in our video when we go to our locations because the name of the location may be shown in the video. This is also the same for when we use the car because we will be showing that type and make of car in the video. The last point is voyeurism, we wont be using this very much in our video because it is going to be hard to put into this video we are doing. 

Why is this an effective idea?
It is an effective idea because the video will match the lyrics of the song closely in that we will be using props, locations and costumes that are mentioned in the video i.e. ski cap, coffee shop and messy hair. The video will completely relevant to the lyrics unlike other indie videos. Also it will be effective because we have met the majority of the conventions of an indie video.

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