Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mise-en-Scene of Indie/Rock

- Musical instruments that are common in this genre are electric guitars, bass guitar, drums and sometimes piano/synthesizer.

- Indie genre has been a trend setter for some people with many copying the casual look which is based around being scruffy but dapper.
- Bands can always be seen wearing accessories such as hats and jewelery. Also they can occasionally be seen promoting a certain brand or styl.

- Depending on the theme of the music, there is no set lighting. For example a song with an upbeat tempo would have slightly brighter lighting compared to a slower song.
- The song below is Jack Penate "Second Minute or Hour" this song is upbeat, and has alot of light, it also follows the setting convention as it is realistic.

- Usually things are set in real life situations e.g. driving in a car, walking down the street etc... This differs from other genres of music which tend to use elements of fantasy.
- This video of "Teddy Picker" by The Arctic Monkeys is set in a studio and progresses through a park towards a pub.

- There is a preference to simple but not exuberant colours. Along with the lighting it depends entirely on how the beat/theme of the song.
- The video below is The Last Shadow Puppets "The Age of the Understatement" the lyrics and beat of the song are of a darker style. This also shows in the video because the colours are not bright or outstanding but fit perfectly with the video.

From this research we have tried to intergrate some of the conventions into our own video. For example we are using a hat and accessories

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