Tuesday, 21 September 2010

DVD Cover Analysis

The spine of the DVD cover of Spike Jonze's work has the name of the DVD boldly written in yellow writing.  This is clear for us all to see.  The spine also has a picture which is a screen shot from one of the videos on the DVD.  There is also the logo of the production company on the spine which you can see on the left hand side in the picture - the production company is named PALM.  There is also a directors label at the bottom of the spine and the DVD logo to show it is a DVD - this is conventional to DVD covers.   
The back of the DVD tries to attract the target audience by showing 12 pictures from the different pieces of work which are on the DVD.  This is trying to give the audience an insight into whats on the DVD before they even buy it.   The pictures on the back of the cover are conventional to DVD covers.  Also on the back of the cover are the names of the various pieces of work that Spike Jonze has directed throughout his successful career. This is conventional to most DVD covers as it explains what is on the DVD.  The font is of a yellow colour which attracts the audience to read.  The back cover is a chance for the producers of the cover to give credit to all the people involved in the making of the DVD.  This can be seen at the bottom just above the barcode in small white writing. The DVD logo also appears again along with the other logos such as production companies.   There is also a barcode in the bottom left hand corner which is conventional to all DVD's. 
The front cover is very important to any DVD cover because it is used to attract the audience. On the Spike Jonze DVD cover there is a screen shot from the California video by Wax. They use this picture to attract the audience because it stands out because the man is on fire. The main title is very bold and clear because it is bright yellow on a dark background. Just below the title there is a sub-title explaining what is included in the DVD.  The directors label is again featured on this side to continue to promote the director. There is again a DVD video logo at the bottom right corner which is conventional to all DVDs.  Finally we agree that it attracts the target audience as it shows stills of his works and the target audience will be his fans who appreciate and understand his work and would be attracted by the use of pictures on the DVD covers.                              

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