Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Directors Commentary

Directors Commentary Ideas

For our location we feel that one of the sports rooms in college would be the best place to do it. We think that this is a good location because we can organise with our teachers when the rooms are free. It is also very quiet which means there wont be any unwanted background noise.

Style and Presentation:
We decided that we would have all the members of our group talking by themselves. We think this will be a better way because it will give all the members their individual opinions for what we did in our video. We will be jumping from the interview to footage from the music video so that the audience can see what they are referring to. We are also going to include extra footage of the making of the video, this will backup what the members of the group are saying during the interview. We will look into using the projector in the room so that we can have the video playing while we talk. We have incorporated the ancillary tasks into video to ensure that when talking about it the audience has a source to compare the opinions of the directors to the actual product itself.   

When we are doing the interviews there are some points that we want to keep consistent throughout. As Dom has not been present recently we have decided to plan as if he was not here on the day of filming the interviews. We decided that throughout all four questions we want the order to be Jamie, Ciro and then Michael each giving their views on each question. Throughout all the questions we want to have our music video showing in the background so you can see the video all the time.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Evaluation Questions - Michael

In what way does your media product us, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our music video is of a song in the indie/rock genre: all the different types of music have their own unique conventions but try not to stereotype for example hip-hop has the large and flashy cars and multi-million mansions. However ours follows the foundations and conventions of an indie music video very loosely to keep a sense of originality and to attract those who may not be keen on the run of the mill live instrument music videos. A definite video that inspired the video was The Pigeon Detectives ‘I’m Not Sorry’ which involved not a core story but included aspects such as ours did. Elements of our video also reminisce of an old Beatles video with the use of telephone boxes and the band members being pursued by the camera. Our music product uses the Goodwin points to create a individual and effective video; the use of matching the music and lyrics to visuals plays heavily in the music video; the snappy changes of clips works perfectly alongside the up-tempo chorus and intro; furthermore the clips they are based on lyrics used in the song such as the coffee shop we have matched but played our own twist to it to ensure an unusual but thought provoking scene. Also the ‘ski cap’ remark is constantly referred to in the song and is repeated on a few occasions in our video. Voyeurism is not necessarily a major input in indie videos and therefore was not incorporated into our video however surprisingly we received feedback mentioning that one of the band members wearing a vest was voyeurism (this also was a lyric to visual). Again intertextuality is not used excessively in indie videos and is probably more suited to mainstream music and those artists who are always mentioned when on the news and the music charts however there are clips in our music video which could be seen as intertextuality but are likely they have been placed into the video unintentionally. The use of a Peugeot car in unintentional as it was the only car we had access to however there are some instances where large motor vehicle companies would be outbidding each other to be include in such music videos. Furthermore large corporate companies do like to engage and sponsor such media products so they are able to promote their certain products to most audiences. Like with so many bands the lead singer is normally focused with the most attention and this pattern appears in our music video with Ciro at the centre of attention in the majority of the video however we do involve the rest of the group but with not such emphasis as we are trying to sell the artist and fans are more likely to react and respond to the focus being on the lead singer. Our ancillary texts are also conventional as they follow a simple two tone colour scheme with little exuberance and a dark emphasis with the red/black background and the rigid fonts and simple colouring. On the other hand we did not include musical instruments which are a mainstay in many Indie/Rock music videos but did not fit in with the synopsis of our music video but originally we had the idea of a studio scene but we felt this removed from the snappy and up-tempo pace of the video. We also touched upon some indie specific characteristics with clothing not being exotic or colourful and using mostly dull and shaded apparel. We included the exuberance and atmosphere of the indie genre so that it would not go off on a tangent creating a more rock or pop feeling.

How effective is the combinations of your main product and ancillary texts?

The two ancillary texts work perfectly together as they both have a recurring theme; the DVD cover and magazine advert show the same layout and themes so that the audience will memorise when flicking through a magazine or in an entertainment store they will recognise the poster/advert or DVD cover and be able to relate to the product as they have seen it before. However when combined with the music video personally to me they do not create the same atmosphere compared to the ancillary tasks on their own. There is an obvious correlation between the fonts used in the ancillary texts which standout and give the band their own style and signature compared to other simpleton bands. Furthermore the use of colour themes adds to this signature and look where many audience and fans could recognise the band poster from afar and therefore be able to stick in their minds. The only downside to the ancillary texts is the band image as it was taken on the computer’s built in webcam and included only two of the band members as I was originally just the director/cameraman but had to be included to fill the void left by the third member due to absences and another negative is that the lead singer is not solely focused on as much as he should be and this would attract the audience increasingly if this was the case but he is slightly hidden in the photo. Moreover the image is of a poor quality but has the roughness to exceed past expectations as it adds a vintage/industrial feel to the rigid texts. However this does not relate to the media product as the band members are dressed rather modern. The ancillary texts portray the band in a positive light fit for the genre however the actual costume in the video fails and leaves us behind to create a successful combination of video and digipack.

What have you learned from audience feedback?

Audience feedback was mostly positive with many of my fellow peers stating a lot of creativeness was included in our music video with the use of effects and the way in which we edited our video to look like were doing certain things such as the telephone box trick and Ciro morphing into Jamie. The feedback was useful and allowed us to pin the video up against an audience of the correct age and interests, this was positive as we received a few laughs and were able to captivate their attentions for the entirety of the video. However we received feeback from the rough cut preview and the comments received were that we had a lack of clips and some of the locations were too repetitive in a bad way, these comments were all very helpful and we were grateful as it allowed us to realise that another filming session was needed so we could take the negative comments and turn them into positive reviews after the final cut showing. Our only criticism was that the costume did not match the genre and we felt we knew this but did not know how to correctly incorporate into the video and with a lack of provided resources in this department we had to use what was available and personally I felt we did much better than other groups in our same genre. To add further the performance of the lip syncing was credited as it was close to spot on with some instances we needed to edit the film tempo to match the movement of the lead singers lips to the lyrics and audio, this was sometimes a struggle but from the reviews we obviously had impressed. 
      How did you use media technologies in the constructions and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Technology has allowed us to access any source that we needed to help complete our tasks. The majority of the work took place on the Mac’s which allowed us to use specific software to create and edit our music video, most notably the use of Final Cut which allowed us to transfer our footage that we filmed on the high definition cameras. From this we could cut and edit clips to the precise cuts we wanted so we could place them into the order in which our music video was based on. This software also allowed us to use video transitions and effects to change the video in such a way that it has a different atmosphere as well as taking something from its original and transforming it into something more epic and capable of attracting an audience. Another piece of software I used was Photoshop; this was used for the ancillary texts, the DVD cover and magazine advert. This program allows for me to create a professional looking media product in a much simpler process. The internet was a large benefit and advantage for us to research, plan and evaluate. YouTube allowed us to look up previous music videos and generate some ideas from them moreover it provides tutorials for us to learn from in case we need to do something specific for example a certain pattern or technique on Photoshop. The use of Blogger allowed us to keep our ideas stored and in chronological order so that we can chop and change any blog posts and look back over ideas. Furthermore it allowed others to look at our work and ideas and comment with positive feedback or creative criticism so we could re-analyse their thoughts and make any suitable changes. The use of a Google account to access the Long Road Music Video blog and to insert photos into our blog posts. Moreover the use of lyric based websites allowed us to provide the correct lyrics for us to use in the lip synchronisation.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Evaluation Questions - Ciro

1. In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of realn media products?
I feel our music video uses different conventions that are associated with real products. One of the ways this can be seen is by the way we matched lyrics with visuals which is seen in a lot of real products, which is a goodwin point. We tried to use music videos of the same genre to help us design our product, the main main video we used was The Pigeon Detectives-Im Not Sorry,  one of the things we used was to make our music video very quick and snappy by using quick cuts and short scenes. Another similarity between our product and real ones is that we showed a shot of all band members on their own to show each of them to the audience. This is important because it gives the audience a chance to get to know all the band member's personalities. One way that our video challenged the conventions of most real products was by not having much intertextuality in the video which is normally seen in real products. In the indie genre they will normally sell the artists as people who just like to go toparties and go out messing around. Although we did this a bit in our video, I feel we could have done it more to show that we matched our genre. Our ancillary products also use conventions of real media products by using darker colours on rthe covers. We did this because it is associated with the indie gene so it works well with the music in our video. I think that we challenged the conventions of real products for our genre in bothg the main and ancillary products through costume. the costume we used didn't match the indie genre but I feel that although the costume didn't match it was importrant that we then kept the same look through all the tasks. 

2. How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary tasks?
I thinkthat our main product and ancillary taks work well together for many different reasons. I believe that we were able to keep a similar look to the band throughout which meant there was a common look to all the tasks. This meant they linked well together well  and all the products could be seen to belong to the same group. In both the DVD cover and advert we kept a consistant look to show that it was the same group. We did this by using dark colours like red and black both times because it gives a more indie look to both taks so it works well with the music video. One of the parts that we struggled with was one of the group members in the video as we missing the last few days of work. This meant we didn't have the same three people in the video as we did in thye DVD cover and the advert which affetced the continuity through our products. We also tried to make our main product and ancillary tasks work well by making sure that they link together. We did this by giving it a sutable certificate that matches what is isn the video mand song.

3.What have you learend from audience feedback?
From the audience feedback I learnt that we didn't use costumes very well. This was because we didn't use clothing that matched the genre. After people commented on this I also saw that it was a good point and I feel it was an area we could have improved on. Some of the positive feedback we got mentioned that we were creative. I feel that we did this a lot through a number of very different locations throughout the video. I also believe that some of our editing would have have had an impact on this comment being made. From this I learnt that variety is good in a music video because it keeps the sudience interested in what they are watching. Another positive note was that the audience felt that the lip syncing was good. This showed me that this is key to a music video and if this is done badly the video will look very un-professional. After the feedback from the roughcut we decided that we needed to add more editing techniques and film at different locations for a bigger variation throughout the video. 

4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
For the production stage the most important program we used was Finalcut. We used this to edit our whole video which allowed us to get the lip syncing as we wanted it. It also allowed us to add in certain editing techniques such as split screen which is effective because it can help to make the video look snappy and modern. We used it in one part of the video so that the audience can seen all of the members at once in the same location but on their own. During the research stage the internet was very important because it allowed us to search for other indie bands and let us see what they had done in music videos. We used the blogs a lot throughout the planning stage so that we could make notes and look back at them when we were producing our video. Our most important piece of technology that we used during the production stage was ther HD camara that we used to film the whole video with. We also used photoshop for the ancillary tasks so that we could use effects in the DVD cover and the advert, we used the layers so that we could have certain layers on top of each other to add a different effect.

Evaluation Questions - Jamie

In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms or conventions of real media products?
In my opinion  my media product uses the conventions of a real media product . My media products which is a music video of a rock genre meets the conventions as the visuals in the video match the lyrics.  This is conventional of music videos of a variety of genres.  We also use a lot of quick cuts in out music video of Butch Walkers "Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed"single.  The song was quite fast paced so therefore it was appropriate to use quick cuts to match the tempo of the music.  This is very conventional of rock music video's if the music is fast paced.  Our video evolved around the main singer with the two other band members also featuring and playing a role in the video but not such a vital one of the main singer.  This is my opinion is conventional as many rock bands when doing a music video  they are more focused on the main singer.  Obviously when making a music video we have to include lip syncing as if the lip syncer is actually singing the words in the place they are appearing.  This meets conventions of a real media product as nearly all music videos include lip syncing.  When making our media product the Pigeon Detectives song and music video "I'm Not Sorry" inspired us the most.  The indie genre of the music and the way the video was made intirgued us and we wanted to take ideas from their video and put them into ours.  Our ancillary tasks use the conventions of real media products as the digipack we had red and black colours and big bold fonts on it which is very conventional of indie/rock digpacks. We also included the DVD logo and the age certificate logo which is also conventional of digipacks.  On our magazine advert we included the same colours that were on the digipack so its kept continuity and had the same theme.  Again the colours used are quite conventional of indie/rock adverts.  On the advert a date was issued telling the target audience when the digipack woud become available.  This is conventional of magazine adverts as most adverts selling music artists would advertise for an upcoming album or tour dates.  In my opinion I feel that the group sell the band well and the lead singer as he gets most the screen time.  This is quite conventional as the lead singer of bands usually gets the most screen time and we done this with our three man band.  The other two members also got screen time but not as much as the lead singer.  Also included on the digipack was a barcode and on the magazine advert we included quotes and a rating which is very conventional of them both. 

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?
In my view I feel that our combination of our main product, the music video and our ancillary tasks are very effective.  I feel that they are professional and would sell in the market to potential fans.  It is obvious from the music video that we are a rock/indie band from the music and the editing of the music video.  I think we have linked the look of an indie/rock band to our ancillary tasks and made a professional digipack and magaine advert.  The digipack stands out as a DVD for indie/rock music with the use of the red and black colours and the black and white image of the band on the front.  From seeing the digipack cover 'fans' are going to be able to identify with the band and the type of music they play.  The magazine advert also uses the theme of red and black which shows continuity in the bands marketing style.  The font style is also the same from the one used on the magazine advert and the style used on digipack cover.  This continuity gives 'fans' a look to associate the band with.  The ancillary products include images on them from the main product so this helps combine the two well as the audience will notice the band. 

What have you learned from audience feedback?
From the audience feedback we recieved from our peers I learnt that we produced a good quality music video which was funny and entertained and maintained their attention throughout. The feedback from classmates was helpful because most of them would be part of our target audience and they are all media students so therefore they would have a good media knowledge and be able to suggest good ideas.  All the groups liked out video but also gave us feedback on improvements we could make to improve our video.  This feedback was very important when it came to the final cut as it allowed us to improve from our previous cut and make our even better. We recieved feedback such as ' you could include more locations for variety' and 'improve on your costumes to make you look indie.'  We also recieved feedback such as ' it lacked creative flair' and 'you could use more effects such as motions keys and split screen.'  This feedback was extremely helpful and the whole group read the feedback and we all acted on it.  On hearing the feedback the group got together for another session of filming so we could include a variety of locations in our video and add new ideas as suggested in out feedback.  During filming we were also more creative when we were more experimental with the camera - this was also acted on because of feedback recieved.  For the final cut we added a slit screen effect and included motion keys where we had text coming up on the screen where appropriate.  This also acted on feedback we receieved so all in all it was very helpful and allowed us to improve immensly. 

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
The group used a variety of media technologies in the construction of our music project, a music video for the song "Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed."  We used filming material such as HD video cameres, tripods, dollys and stills camera's in the production of the music video.  We then used blog on the internet (, Final Cut Expess, PhotoShop and internet serch sites such as Google before, during and in the post production process.  In the Final Cut program, when editing, I learnt new skills such as how to use the split screen effect and how to include the motion key effect with text coming onto the screen.  On photoshop I learnt how to crop pictures when you add the onto your product.  This was very helpful when including screenshots from our music video on our ancillary tasks.  From looking on the internet on search sites such as Google it really helped my research skills as we had to look for inspiration for our music video.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Past Student Commentary Example

First and foremost their actual music video is rather poor and this correlates into the commentary. It is rather short in duration with it being less than two minutes long. The interview technique where the individual members of the group speak into the camera to me is not effective as their is a large free space with just the view of a camera, this is disappointing because they did not incorporate anything to feel the void. The use of the video to portray their opinion is not used appropriatetly.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Analyse a digipack and magazine advert example made by last years students

Above is a DVD cover produced by one of last years students.  The front cover has an image of the whole band so this creates voyerism for their 'fans'.  The bland grey background isn't very conventional of a rock music video so therefore I wouldn't expect to see it on a DVD cover for their songs.  Instead they chose the grey colour where I would of probably chosen red, black and dark colours. 

The font chosen here by the students is black but with the grey background I do not think this contrasts well giving the title of the DVD a bad effect and not fulfilling its marketing potential.  The front cover all in all is very simple with there also being a logo of the production company in the bottom centre.  

The spine of the DVD cover also has the grey background which shows they have continuity in their work but I think this is the wrong colour to use for their genre.  They also have text on the spine naming the band - 'Pacific Ocean Blue' in the same black font which is used on the front.  As mentioned for the front cover I do not think this was the most effective way of marketing their songs on a DVD as their font choice, font colour and background colour do not meet the convetions of a rock DVD.  

Finally the back cover of the DVD has the same grey background with their being a screenshot from their video showing all four band members.  This shows the band as they would look like in the video and will make fans want to buy it to see more.  They also have a quote on the back of their DVD cover which is conventional as is using a rating showing how many stars 'The Sun' newspaper rates their DVD.  Below the image of the band they also include information of what is included on the DVD in a darker grey font.  Again I do not agree with this use of grey as I have explained above but overall it is conventional as this is what is expected to be seen on a back of a digipack.  A barcode is also included along with the DVD logo and production company logo which are all conventional of digipacks and DVD covers. 

 Last years students have gone with a similar theme with the magazine advert to to their digipack which is what most people tend to do and it works - but with this group as I didn't like their use of grey in their DVD cover I still do not like the use of it in their magazine advert.  But overall it meets conventions as it has an image promoting the band in a centralised position at the top of the advert.  It also has the DVD logo on it explaining that it is a DVD that is about to be released and they have release dates noted on the poster so their fans know when the DVD is being released to go on sale.  On the advert they also have tour dates noted so fans can go see them live which is conventional of a magazine advert promoting a band of this genre.  They also have logo's of NME which show the institutions that are supporting that band and this is quite conventional of a band of this genre.

Analyse a digipack and magazine advert that is from the same genre of your music video

This is the DVD cover for production by Greenday.  The DVD includes the footage when they performed in Berlin for a Live 8 concert.  I feel their music is of a sort of similar genre so have picked a DVD cover by them to analyse.

Greenday's front cover has a picture of all three of the band members - I feel this is important as they want to create voyeurism for all of the band members not just one.  In the picture they are wearing clothes that fit their genre (rock) so therefore this creates voyerism to their fans and makes them seem more attractive to their target audience.

The font used is what I expected of this genre - it is quite a funky font you wouldnt expect to see on any other genre's DVD cover.  The name of the band is written in black which is a colour associated with rock along with red which has also been used when naming the concert they were performing at on the front cover.  The front cover is very simple with their being just a picture and text on display.

On the spine of the cover it has the DVD logo showing that the product is a DVD which I would expect to see on a DVD as this is conventional.  The spine also includes white text of the same font style used on the front showing contiuity whilst also being simple naming the DVD and where they are performing and on which date.  The white font is contrasted against the black background so therefore this gives excellent effect agaisnt the colours and makes it seem very rocky.

The back cover of the DVD has a picture of only the main band member live in concert.  I think this picture has been well chosen as it is a good shot of the singer and is voyerism for his fans.  Beyond the picture on the back cover the name of the band and where they were performing are shown in text once again where the same font style is used.  The font style is continued throughout and has a great effect and is very conventional of the genre.  The colours a mixed around this time giving the DVD cover variety where 'Greenday' is shown in white instead of black like it is on the front cover.  The names of the songs which they perform at the concert are also noted on the back cover in a smaller white font just above where the 'Live 8' logo has been positioned.  The DVD logo is also used on the back cover, meeting conventions, where it is displayed in the bottom left hand corner. 

This is a magazine advert for Greenday promoting their Europe Tour in 2009.  The colours used in their magazine advert are very conventional to that of its genre where lots of dark black and red colours are used.  This is what you would expect to see in a punk rock bands magazine adverts.  The name of the band is shown in big bold white font with the 'R' being edited so there is a cross going through it giving it that extra punky rock look.  A picture of the three band members is shown on the magazine adverts which shows fans what they will be expecting at the tour and attracts the target audience.  There are images on the poster of a car and two lovers standing on it kissing - this is very distinctive of Greenday as they have used this image before to promote an album and have posters selling in shops with this image on promoting the band.  In the background there is also an image of a a bright red and yellow flame which is also convetional of a magazine advert for this genre.  On the magazine advert they also have a picture of another band and text reading, 'with Primma Donna'.  This shows they also have a support band coming on tour with them and lets the fans know what they will be seeing if they watch them on tour.  In the bottom left hand corner is the official Greenday website - and in the bottom right is their supporting bands MySpace site -

Finished Magazine Advert

13P1-04 Music Magazine Advert

The finished magazine advert and the two ancillary task completed, the digipack.

Questionairre to Assess The Target Audience

The following questionnaire will help us assess what the target audience is for our DVD cover and magazine advert for our type of genre.    

1) What colours would you expect to see on our DVD cover and magazine advert?
Black, punk, rock and roll colours.
Black  to fit genre
Black, red, masculine colours
Black,red blue, darker colours

2) What font style do you think would be suitable for out genre? What sort of size would you expect to see the font?
Alternative font, strange.
Large, different style.
Large, bold, maybe capitals.
Large striking bold font.

3) Do you think all the band members should be in the DVD cover and magazine advert or just the main singer?  What sort of position would you expect the image to be in?
I think all the members should be on the front with their instruments.
Group image with lead singer in the middle.
Main artist should be main focus/centre, rest of the band should be in the background.
The main singer should be in the centre of the picture, with the others behind in the background. 

4) Would you expect there to be more than one image on the magazine advert and DVD cover?
Yes multiple images of the group.
Maybe one image on the magazine advert (or atleast a main one) and on the DVD cover maybe several pictures including some on the back.
Yeah, a few images 

5) What sort of pictures do you think we should use?
Scenes from the music video and from shooting it.
Stills from filming.
Pictures that relate to the video (maybe wearing the same costume from video)
Screenshots from the music video, or stills if you took them whilst filming.

6) Do you think it is important to have a review and rating on the front cover of our DVD for a video of our genre?
Yes so that the audience know how good the DVD is.
It can help make the video more appealing and intriguing. 
Yes because it sells how good it will be.

7) Where do you think we should position the age certificate logos, production company logos etc?
 Put the age ratings on the front and most of the production company logo's on the back and the front.
In the corner on the front so its clear what rating. 
They should be on the bottom of the picture maybe some on the back and front of the DVD. 
In the bottom corners, but still need to be made clear.

Finished DVD Cover

13P1-04 Music DVD Cover

We present to you the final edition of our DVD cover.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Magazine Advert Idea's

Below is a list of the genre characteristics that are associated with a magazine advert for a music video. 

  • Title. Of the product that is being advertised. Must stand out to attract possible audience.
  • Band Name. So that the viewing audience can link the product to the band. This must be equally as big as title product otherwise the audience may not be attracted to the actual product rather than the band itself.
  • Picture of the band. Another form of attraction to audience, for example younger audience are more likely to be interested in pictures rather than information so this is vital to attract the highest possible numbers.
  • Release Date. Vital information so that people know the when as well as who and what.
  • Reviews/Quotations. People want to know that the product is worthy to purchase so that it is not a waste of money.
  • Price. Not always necessary but some people tend to be interested in special deals or exclusivity, the poster could include specifics such as where to buy the product or special deal price.

What should be included in a digi-pack and magazine advert

Below is a list of the genre characteristics that you would expect to find on a DVD template for a music video.  

  • DVD logo
  • certificate rating
  • production company logo
  • background colour/image
  • title
  • picture of band

  • title
  • background image/colour
  • certificate rating
  • dvd logo
  • production company logo's
  • small image

  • screenshots
  • quotations
  • reviews
  • certificate rating and explantions
  • running time
  • dvd logo
  • production company logos
  • special features information

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

DVD Cover Idea's

Today we have started to get on with the DVD cover task.  Me and Ciro came up with an idea to have our DVD cover look like something similar to The Diffs.  Their CD cover can be seen on the following URL: 

We feel that this idea will suit the genre of the song we have done a music video on.  The idea suits the look we want to create which is of an indie band.  Using this style, similar of 'The Diffs' it will create a good look for the band and create voyeurism amongst our 'fans'.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Final Music Video

Here is the video of 2010 featuring:
- Ciro Ruggiero
- Jamie Hilsden
- Michael Frattasi
- Dom Robertson

Thank You
God Bless.

review for P1-05

we thought that this was good but it lacked creative flair. there were a lot of shots that didnt have a story and did not go with the lyrics but there were some scenes like the breaking up the fight and the tea shot that did though. also dom did not really do anything when in shot. there was also a part that was unrendered which they should sort out.

group feedback.


Goodwin's Points:

The whole video is good to watch because it contains a lot of fun scenes that make the audience laugh.
We really enjoyed the telephone box clip, the escalators and the effects with two artists heads turning and swapping around.

-Visuals and Lyrics:
There were a few cases where visuals and lyrics appeared, the coffee shop and table words, Dom with the hair dryer and the LA LA LA's.

-Music and Visuals:
When the verses and chorus' played the scenes changed and the LA LA LA was used more than once in the same location.

-Selling the artist:
The artist isn't sold in a particular way as he is wearing casual clothing as well as the other people.

group feedback


We like your music video alot. We thought the pace of the shots worked well with the upbeat music. There was a variety of shots and effects which kept the video interesting to watch. The lip syncing was quite good and the visuals/lyrics matched well for instance the coffee shop scene also the text popping up saying "LA LA LA". Your ideas were creative for instance the phone box shots and the shots on the escalators. One thing we thought was missing from the video was shots of the band members playing their instruments to make it more genre specific. The voyeurism wasn't strong but it was clear who the lead singer was as he did the lip syncing, was generally in the centre of the shots and he was the one on camera most.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Editing - Day 5

Today was our last editing lesson and to finish things off we proof watched over our video looking out for any mistakes or gaps in the footage.  Also today on our last day of editing we included another split screen effect using the footage of me, Ciro and Dom on the escalators which is seen earlier in our music video.  We are very pleased with how this looks on completion.

As Dom didn't turned up to last weeks lessons we are now having to include the motion key effect now at the last minute.  We stated that it would be Dom's job to create the 'la la la's' but with his absence last week we have no option but to do it in this last editing lesson.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Teacher Feedback

Our media studies teacher Holly Taylor has recently viewed our music video towards the end of the editing process.  She has given us some very helpful feedback which we intend to improve upon to make music video even better. 

She gave us some very positive feedback mentioning that our change of scenery throughout the video is good as well as our change of band focus where we focus on the individual members as well as showing the band as a whole.  Holly also said we met the Goodwin point of matching the lyrics with the visuals which was one of our intentions.  She also thought we used a variety of camera shots and angles which is good so it doesn't make the video boring and the audience doesn't lose their concentration and attention.  Also mentioned in her feedback was the good selection of mise-en-scene as the scenes selected are true of the genre.  Holly also thought our video reminded her of the Beatles which appeals to an older audience so therefore we attract both a young audience and an older one.  Her final point was that the video was funny therefore it is attracting our target audience which is one of our aims.

Holly also gave us some constructive feedback in terms of what we could improve upon.  She feels that if we include editing techniques such as split screen and motion keys it would make the different from the rest and make it even more interesting.  With the motion keys she suggested that we put the "la la la's" over the out of sync footage when Ciro sung the lyris as "blah blah blah".  With the split screen effect she suggested that we use each band member within this and see what we can do with it.  

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Editing- Day 4

In the editing session today Ciro managed to finish all of the song. This also meant checking that all of the video is in time and matches the tune of the song. To fill the instrumental we put in quick, snappy clips of the group as a whole just messing around because we feel this is the look that works well with the song.

The editing as a whole has gone very well and we are extremely pleased with how the video has turned out, we will now check the video again before we upload it. This will give Michael, Dom and Jamie a chance to see if there is any changes they feel need to be made.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Editing - Day 3

Yesterday we came across a technical problem while transferring our footage to the computer we unfortunately stumbled into a computer crash leaving us without our needed footage. We were allowed an extended time slot to repeat this process so we could dive straight into editing when our lesson started.

Dom did not show for another important session in the production of our Music Video. However it was a blessing in disguise as it allowed us to concentrate on what was needed.  Overall the group has progressed well in the last couple of lessons (minus the computer crash and Dom's attendance).  We have managed to complete a lot of editing and we are now nearer to our final product being completed and becoming ready for publishing.

During the editing in this session we came across a few problems with the lip syncing but we overcame these problems by shortening clips where necessary, speeding up/slowing down clips or including new footage to replace the old.  The problem with the lip syncing was that Ciro wasn't singing true to the version of the song that we edit to on the computers, therefore we had trouble syncing the words with his mouth but overcame this using the techniques mentioned above.


@ 15:25 the computer crashed again so we lost our work for a third time. This means we have to redo the whole of our editing which we started @ 13:40.

@ 15:51 Ciro decided to save it for the first time.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Filming - Day 3

Day 3 started very badly after Dom was unfortunately absent from filming. This left Ciro, Michael and Jamie with the task of making our music video look professional despite one of the band members not being present. We started by Ciro filming Jamie on his bike on the way to meet Michael in town. We did this because we hope that if we speed this up it could have an unique affect and could be used to some instrumental. We then started to film in the market square where Michael suggested using four telephone boxes in a row to create an affect of Ciro and Jamie moving from one box to the other without leaving the first one. However we found problems due to the amount of people who do not realise we're recording so they find it acceptable to walk in front of the camera ruining our shot.

We then moved to our second location of the night, Quayside. The original idea was to use the dolly on the boardwalk next to the river but this was not suitable because the surface was not flat meaning the dolly would get caught between the wooden planks. The group then saw a small surronded area with a fountain in the middle, we decided that this would be another possible location for our 2nd verse and chorus. This meant that we had more locations to select from when we edit.

Our final location of the night was down an alley on Portugal Place. We used this location to again film the 2nd verse. We again thought that this would give us another location that we can use to make our video quick and snappy. Furthermore we recorded little mini shots to use as backup just in case some of our other recordings were not up to the grade. Moreover we filmed clips hoping that we could use them to create effects, for example a 360 spin that started with Ciro and by half way it had turned into Jamie.

In conclusion the night as a whole was successful, we got some new locations and filmed some more of the chorus and 2nd verse which will allow us to finish our video and use different locations to keep the vido interesting throughout.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Extra Filming Date

We have decided that we need one more day of extra filming which will be on Monday 8th November 2010.  We will take take the camera out from 3:25 onwards and hand it back in the next day at 9:00am.

In this filming day we will need to have filmed the following in the stated locations:
- Lip Syncing: Quayside/Market Square

- Shots: Ciro Lip Syncing besides the Fountain/ Out of the Telephone Box/ Along the Boardwalk/ Party in the Car/ Pop out of a pile of leaves/ Car Shots

Teacher Feedback

Well done on your Rough Cut P1-04. Your video is visually interesting at the beginning as you use a lot of cuts and different location. Although you continue the change of location throughout the video, the pace of your edits slows down. therefore, you might want to consider getting more footage so that you can keep this pace up.
Your lip syncing is good and the distance of your angles is also varied. You also meet Goodwin's points of of matching your visuals and lyrics. Focusing on the lead singer and then having separate shots of the other band members also works well.
You could try experimenting with editing techniques such as split screen or motion keys.

Roughcut Video


Here is our roughcut video, we decided that there are some things that we need to finish and change in the video. We want to make sure that the video is complete for the final product and that we use some more exciting editing techniques. We have used this video and viewed it to other peers so that we can receive feedback to see what is worthy of keeping and what needs to be adapted. This is important for us to create a better media product at a much higher quality, furthermore we hope that our final product shows an extensive difference in quality when this project is completed.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Feedback: The Conclusion

After reviewing our feedback we have decided that we need to film more scenes.

- Wider range of locations to fill the gaps.
- Re-record most scenes (chorus's and verse 1 for example)
- Car scenes need to be re-recorded in daylight to make the video more consistent. 
- Improved costumes
- Improved lip syncing
- Improve Dom's voyeurism
- Include the green screen footage
- Finish the video for final cut

P1-05 Feedback

We think that some of the clothing didn't match the genre of the music. We think that it started off good but it became less interesting as it went on, there were also no clips at the end so they need to film more. We think there needs to be more close up clips of lip syncing. We thought the part where the band is sitting by a tea shop was funny.

Voyeurism - Not met
Lyrics/Visuals - Well met

P1-01 Feedback

Overall, as a group we found the music video amusing and enjoyable to watch. (Dom drying his hair and Jamie rolling his eyes)
In the second verse we feel as though the lip syncing went out of time a little but it went back quickly so it was not that noticeable.

Goodwin's Points:

Voyeurism: The humor of it was enjoyable to watch. For example, at the very beginning when they were having a laugh and at the cake shop "Aunties tea shop"

Music and Visuals: During the chorus' the artist was surrounded by the others walking on parkers piece this was a form of music and visuals.

Music and Lyrics: Tea shop and sitting side by side was in the lyrics and shown on screen this was good as it met the Goodwin's point music and lyrics.

Genre characteristics: Clothing didn't really match the genre of the music (alternative rock/indie) however they filmed on the street and at different times of the day.

P1-02 Feedback

Overall the video fitted the genre because of the artists clothes and actions. The visuals matched the lyrics e.g when they went to the coffee shop. The different scenery changes were good as it didn't get boring and they use a variety of shots. We liked the bits of comedy in the video for example when they were doing funny facial expressions this was good with close ups. The lip syncing was a little off so possible trying to get better timing with the song.  The scene at night could of been brightened a little bit so that the audience is clear what is going on. There could also be an improvement in long shots of the group as sometimes someone gets cut out of the screen. This video meets the genre characteristics of the chosen song and shows the artists having a good time. The video sells the artists as a group and there is alot of shots of them together.

P1-03 Feedback

We think that this was a good music video and the images suited the genre of music well.To improve we think that you could take more shots so that it is more faced paced cuts.
The costume changes were good.
Goodwin's Points:
There was a bit of voyeurism when Dom was drying his hair in his vest.
The artist is sold as a really nice guy and he comes across well in the video.
Music and visuals: The lyrics of the song match up a lot of the time with what they are doing. For example having a drink at the coffee shop (tea shop ;) )
Music and lyrics: It is lip synced well.
Intertextuality: We don't think there is intertextuality used in this video because the shots are quite original.
Genre characteristics: The genre isn't completely met as their outfits are not very indie.

Marking Criteria For Music Video

  1. Holding a shot steady where appropriate.
  2. Framing - including and excluding elements.
  3. Variety of shot distances.
  4. Shooting Material appropriate to the task.
  5. Selecting Mise-en-Scene.
  6. Editing so meaning is apparent to the viewer.
  7. Using varied shot transitions.
  8. Using sound with images editing appropriately. 

The music video has a numerousy of steady shots but there are also a minority of some which have a slight unsteadiness however these are unnoticeable.

We have a large variety of angles and shots in our music video, to name a few we have low angled shots as well as close ups, handheld, dolly and high angled shots.  

We feel throughout out video that we shot footage appropriate to the task.  We shot all the lip syncing shots that are appropriate to the lyrics, we also included many places that were mentioned in the video such as the coffee shop.

We used appropriate costumes for the genre of video that we decided to go with as well as props. We chose locations that are in keeping with the genre aswell.

We used editing to make the LALALA bit stand out in the chorus additionally we used editing to speed everything up in order to convey the theme of the song which is a wild night out.

We didn't really use any shot transitions as we didn't feel the need to.

We used sound with images appropriately all the lyrics match our video and editing. When the song talks about a coffee shop there is a shot of the group sitting outside a coffe shop. Also when the song talks about messy hair there is a shot of Dom messing up his hair.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Rough Cut Deadline

How do you think the rough cut looks?
The rough cut looks as we expected what we have done works well in that everything fits in with the lyrics. There is still alot of editing to do mainly involving speed issues which need to be rectified in order to make the footage sync correctly with the music.

What filming do you still need to do?
We need to film more lip syncing scenes also we need to film some instrumental stuff. Ideally we'd also like to include more scenes where the visuals compare to the lyrics .i.e the fly on the wall scene. We might also need to get some footage of random locations just to fill in some of the gaps - these will be relevant to the video.

What do you anticipate your peers will suggest or comment?
Our peers will probably appreciate some of the comic value of our video. I think that it's likely that they will say there needs to be more singing in the video; additionally they might comment on the lack of musical instrumenst which we previously mentioned in our other posts.

Rough Cut video:

Editing - Day 2

Today when we edited we wanted to get as far as possible so that we would have less to do on the 3rd and last day. We had already edited the instrumental at the beginning and part of the first verse. The first thing we started to edit was the rest of the first verse. After this we started to work on the chorus. We found this hard because some of the lip syncing was out of time which meant we had to have more cuts in the video to fit the lip syncing with the music. After this Ciro and Jamie who were editing first handed over to Dom and Michael. We then had another big problem when Finalcut closed itself meaning we lost most of the work we had done on editing day 2. After this we managed to finish the end of the first verse and started the chorus again.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Editing - Day 1

After we had finished capturing the footage we had to decide which clips we wanted to use out of all the ones we had. We decided to film things more than once which meant we had to decide which clip from these we would use for each scene.

After we did this we started to put things together. We put the soundtrack onto Finalcut so that we could start to match the clips with the right part in the music. We started by putting in the 1st car shot of the whole band in the car. We then decided that we could fill the instrumental at the beginning of the song by using clips of the whole group as we were filming.

After filling the instrumental we started to fit the lip-syncing with the original track. We managed to fit in the fight scene to match the lyrics using the markers on final cut to help us keep track of the song.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Filming - Day 2

Tuesday 12th October 2010

This was our second scheduled filming day and allowed us to wrap up any scenes and shots that needed to be recorded so that we could start on the rough cut of our music video. The filming took place in a few locations; Long Road Sixth Form College, Sorrento Hotel and Cavendish Road.

With all four members of the group present we were able to have a very successful second day of filming. Initially we started at Long Road using the quad to shoot some long shots of Ciro lip syncing with the other two band members in the background (Jamie and Dom). We varied the shots slightly so that we had a good selection of clips when editing. From here we went to Sorrento Hotel by bike and Dom by bus.

We recorded the majority of our shots at the hotel. Firstly in a hotel room provided by Ciro's family who own the business. In the hotel we were able to record our own initial idea and were able to be expanded on. Ciro was able to phone his sister (Catelina) who kindly came down to the hotel to allow us to use her car. This allowed us to record the shots that were focused around the car.

Earlier in the day we were able to record the green screen footage which was in the media studio at Long Road Sixth Form College.

Overall I believe that we have a broad selection of film to be able to create a music video that sticks to our initial plans. As a group we worked cooperatively and had no major problems that affected the recording of music video.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Production Photos

Below are a selection of photo's from our first day's filming courtesy of Pietro Rinaldi.
These pictures show our group at different times. The first picture shows Ciro, Micheal and Jamie discussing what shot would be best to show the crowd and how to make sure we could see Ciro through the whole shot clearly. The second picture shows Jamie testing a shot angle to check if it had the desired affect. The third picture shows the group filming the tracking shot from behind. This picture shows Ciro walking through Cambridge.The fourth picture is also while the same shot is being filmed, Jamie took over from Michael for the second take of this shot.  The last shot shows our decision to film the crowd walking past in Cambridge and to then use a green screen to add the band members in. We felt this would be easier than trying to film this shot through people.

Filming - Day 1

Saturday 09th October 2010
Today was the first day of filming where the group got together and started to progress in shooting all the city scenes that will be located in the town area of Cambridge.

Overall I would say that it was a succesful shoot despite the fact that we couldn't shoot some scenes where we wanted to, mainly because it was too busy.    This wasn't a problem though as we had back up locations in mind and could film the appropriate scenes in these locations.    In one scene where we film the chorus the area was too busy to film in as the camera man had to do a tracking shot from the front walking backwards - this wasn't very appropriate so we thought up an idea to film the area we were going to do the shot in for a few minutes and then later on in the process green screen the video footage and film from the green screen studio.

We didn't focus on too many lip syncing shots - as mostly all the town location scenes are the narrative of the video whilst most the lip syncing will be in the studio scenes.  We lip synced where appropriate (such as walking through Parkers Piece).

So far as progress is concerned I feel that we are getting on well together in producing the video and are making efficient progress.  In terms of things left to do, we need to film all the studio shots (location: college), Sorrento Hotel shots (location: Cherry Hinton Road), the fight scene (location: tbd subject to change), the green screen shots (location: green screen studio in college) and the car scenes (location: Luard Road). 

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Auteur Theory

Richard Ayoade

Most commonly known for being an actor in The Mighty Boosh and The IT Crowd, his roles are always of a humorous kind mainly playing as the clueless intellectual- below are images of Ayoade in his role as Moss in The IT Crowd (Left) and Saboo in The Mighty Boosh (Right). 

However he has ventured into the music industry with some notable work with bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, Kasabian, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Last Shadow Puppets. The videos I will be comparing are "Crying Lightning" by Arctic Monkeys and "Vlad The Impaler" by Kasabian.

Richard Ayoade has used many of the same ideas in both of these two videos as well as all of the others he has directed. Firstly the use of dark colours and lighting in the background suit the beat and genre of the music videos in question. He also includes somewhat surreal actions and moments, a storyline that is far fetched but makes sense when synchronized with the audio of the bands.

He has also matched the beat of the song to the visuals. Especially in Vlad the Impaler where the march of the antagonist is precisely on time with the music.   

Amateur vs Professional

In this part of the blog I am going to analyse the differences between a student and a real artist music video.

Student Video - "Pacific Ocean Blue"

Professional Video - Busted - "Year 3000"

There is an obvious difference between the two videos.  Firstly the students music video was very entertaining throughout keeping my attention.  It met all the conventions of a real music video of this genre and looked very professional.

You can tell the difference between the two video's as the students video has a lower camera quality than the professional video. In the "Year 3000" video they have a much better camera quality which makes the video look overall more professional.  Obviously they would have better camera quality as they have more money to buy better cameras than the students working on their project.

The professional music video has more access to technology and editing software than the students amateur music video - this is shown in the opening of the "Year 3000" video where it looks like a game is being played.  Throughout the video it looks like they are going through a cartoon world - this is through technology available to the professional artists which the amateur students cannot access.   The professional music video also incorporates a range of shot types and angles which make it more interesting to watch.  There are also a range of colours used in the video to keep the audiences attention.  The students tried their best with the colours but were also limited to what they can do because of their limited access to technology etc.  I felt that the students made it very interesting by incorporating many different types of shots such as medium shot, low angle shot, close up shot, close up on guitar shot, high angle shot, POV shot and a hand held shot.  In their editing they included a slow motion shot and also made it look like they fit 4 people into a small box through their editing skills - I thought this was very clever.   I also liked how they made the stage scenes look professional by including lighting affects. 

Overall I think that the amateur video made by the students was a brillaint effort as it looked very professional and it seemed like that spent a lot of time planning for the shooting of the video and used their editing skills well.  The professional video relates to its target audience just like the students video does as it included conventions of the genre of music.  The Busted video is trying to attract young teenagers who like pop music and by using bright colourful colours it will get their attention and will give them voyerism when watching the video.   The students video also attracted their target audience by meeting the conventions of the genre.

Lyrics Analysis

Mood Board

I have created a moodboard which shows all the people that will be attracted to our music video.  I have included pictures of young people and the types of clothes they might wear.  Also the colours that appear on the mood board  reflect the colours we want to portray in our music video.  The words that I have included in our video relate to the type of music we will be using and the target audience the music is being aimed at.  The words can portray the type of people "our fans" are (bedhead).  I have also included a black and white image because in our music video we are having the studio scenes shot in black and white.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


1st Page

2nd Page
3rd Page

Shot List

Target Audience Tasks

Task One
Butch walker & the Black Widows belong in the country/rock genres (more rock really). Their typical fans as surmised from MySpace are people between 25 - 40 mostly men who dress alternatively. Although that being said there seem to be quite a few 'normal' people who are fans on MySpace. Generally I'd say most of them appear to live in the southern states of America.

Task Two
Since we will be using another artists song in our video we decided to email the record label that signs Butch Walker to ask for permission. Below is a screenshot of the email:

Task Three

Task Four
We went on a website called which determines what social group you belong to. We entered the information as if we were a typical fan of Butch Walker. The results were kind of sketchy, the jist of it was that they would dress scruff and enjoy partying and driving around in 4x4s. The results said that the fan would be a "Rah" (whatever that is...?)

Call Sheet

 Call Sheet #1
Friday 8th October 2010

Director: Michael Frattasi

Assistant Director: Jamie Hilsden

Producer: Ciro Ruggiero


Junction                                                      Call time: 16:10
Clifton Way                                                On location: 16:30
Cambridge CB1 7GX                                
Sets:                                                            Scenes:

Outside a club                                            6


Ciro Ruggiero
Jamie Hilsden
Michael Frattasi  

Camera: Dom Robinson
Sound: Butch Walker. We will be using a phone to help us lip sing.
Costume: Michael Frattasi, Jamie Hilsden and Ciro Ruggiero. We will be wearing costumes to look more like an indie band and appeal to our audience.

2nd location:

Cambridge Leisure Park                               Call time: 17:00
Cherry Hill Road, Cambridge CB1 7DY      On location: 17:10

Sets:                                                             Scenes:

Restaurant                                                    17


Ciro Ruggiero
Jamie Hilsden

Camera: Michael Frattasi
Sound: Butch Walker. We will be using a phone to help us lip sing.
Costume: Ciro Ruggiero and Jamie Hilsden. We will be wearing costumes to look like an indie band to appeal to the audience.

Transport: Bikes

16:10                                                              Call
16:30                                                              Meet with equipment at junction and set up to shoot
16:40                                                              Shoot
17:00                                                              Move to Chiquitos
17:10                                                              Set up to shoot
17:20                                                              Shoot
18:00                                                              Rap it up
18:20                                                              Travel home

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